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Be the shark in a piranha-infested ocean.

Hi, I am Marghe..the project's business development and marketing lead. I know I haven't shared much with you yet; I wanted to take my time and prepare some great content for you that isn't superficial. We already spend the majority of our time scrolling through the useless Instagram feed, and I didn't want to share any more meaningless empty content. In this newsletter, we will be focusing all the energies on you and your worth, such as the value of your ideas, products, services, and abilities. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that if you have a passion, whether it's art, business risks or creativity, you must understand its value and maximise its communication to your target. The value proposition is:

  • the one which distinguishes you from everyone else.

  • it explains what benefits the potential clients who choose you will receive.

  • is simply the response to one or more of the target's needs (whether conscious or unconscious, but we will be talking about it in some upcoming newsletter)

But how do you create a value proposition for your project? First and foremost, you must learn to believe in your own worth and be able to identify it. Start by speaking positively about what you do and your goals; the more you talk about it, the clearer it will be what distinguishes you from your competitors. What is your project's goal? What would you like to transmit? What are your distinguishing features? Why should the client choose you? Why should the client choose you RIGHT NOW? Talking about yourself, your projects, and what you do will not only help you develop your value proposition, but will also help you improve:

  • your creativity

  • your problem-solving skill and the ability to make associations of ideas

  • as well as your communication effectiveness

Because the Web.3 space is new, if you jump in it now, you will be surrounded by far fewer competitors than the Web.2 products, services, and businesses; it will be much easier to stand out. Consider this: you must capture your target's attention by creating a value proposition for your product, build a community, and lead that community into the web3 world to support your project. We are still the early adopters here, but more and more people will see the value of Web.3 and NFT in the coming years and will want to join projects and follow artists that are already involved in that space. Perhaps an example will help you understand.. So, why not tell you about's one-of-a-kind value proposition? What is our goal?'s goal is to introduce to artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses the new tools that Web3 provides to help them succeed independently, without relying on the demands of third parties such as art galleries or outside financiers. What do we want to transmit? All those things that yet hasn’t been adsorbed in those institution such as school and university that should teach and educate young generations; you don't learn about Web.3 and blockchain technology there, and students are unable to obtain an education that keeps them up to date with the evolution that is taking place right now. Eventually they teach marketing communication, but no one teaches what CRM is, what sales funnels are, what tools to use to create a sales page, how to write, or even what a copy is... wants to teach the knowledge, skills, and tools that are absolutely necessary to achieve success in today's and tomorrow’s market. What are the elements that distinguish us? We are our target. There is no need for us to 'try' to understand you, because we have been you. We are two 25-year-old women who have been fighting for financial independence for years, have invested thousands of pounds in education, have been self-employed, and have a strong interest in art and business. We don't need to try entering your mind to figure out what you're looking for because we already know who you are and what you need. However, if you feel the need to provide us with additional information about yourself and haven't already, please fill out the survey we created for you via this link. We're not like other people who talk about crypto, trading, and how to make millions with Ntfs; we don't give you random financial advice, and we don't tell you how to invest your money; instead, we give you the tools to benefit from this world on your own, knowing what you're doing. By developing a value proposition, you will learn how to communicate your projects to the outside world. And when I say communicating, I mean it... Get out there and start telling people! What leads to success is doing things rather than planning them. Why should the client choose us? You know when you're lying in bed at 1 a.m., unable to sleep, and you squint your eyes and think, 'Shit! 'How come I didn't think of that before?!' and a brilliant idea has just occurred to you; right there, send me a message, and we will be there to help you develop your project step by step. Why should you choose us RIGHT NOW? As previously stated, Web.3 is a new space that is still in its early stages of adoption. If you begin now, you will be one step ahead of those who will begin later because they must. The same way these days you 'have to' create social media content and reels if you want to grow your business, and it is extremely difficult to gain visibility, but instead, if you started 10 years ago, everything would have been much easier. By now you should understand something more about creating a value proposition for YOUR products/project. If you think our project is awesome, let’s start developing yours! Book a free consultation HERE. Don't worry if you missed any of our previous Web.3 Newsletters! We're putting together a blog where you can learn and read all of our content!



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