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(December 2021)

'Save The Whale' is a 2d short animated film about body shaming and acceptance. Girl is only 9 years old and she wishes she was skinnier, she hates the way she looks and she hoped she wouldn't no longer crave food. Her classmates call her ‘whale’ and all she can see in the mirror is her stomach rolls and her thick thighs.


"I remember them calling me a whale"

kids laughing at the mirror 3.jpg

We live in a society in which the female body has always been criticised; there have always been certain standards to follow if you are a woman. We grow up being thought how to hate how body but not how to love and accept it. Growing up and confronting with many women and different culture, I finally realised how silly all these stereotypes are and that is not about the way you look like but it is how you feel. Confidence come from a state of mind, not from your aesthetic.


This is for all those women that have been wasting way too much time worrying about their image in the mirror and what others would think about them.

Poster2 copy.jpg

Press Kit and Film on Vimeo HERE

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