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Experience the magic of live sketching, brought to life with the touch of modern technology. Armed with my iPad and an artistic vision, I swiftly capture the essence of people in captivating digital sketches. These quick illustrations, created in just a matter of minutes, not only encapsulate the unique features of the individuals but also the vibrant atmosphere of the event itself.


Stephanie Peck

Having Irene as part of our tasting event was a wonderful addition to the evening! She seamlessly fitted into the event and added an extra layer of artistry. She is so talented, drawing all the guests portraits while the tasting happened. They all absolutely loved the sketches! Could not recommend enough.

Nabila Jrida

Having Irene as part of our graduation ceremony at UWTSD London was a testament to innovation and creativity. The graduands were thrilled to receive these unique and cutting-edge keepsakes, and they couldn't stop talking about them! Irene brought a fresh perspective to our ceremony at Guildhall Art Gallery, and we are incredibly grateful for their exceptional talent. Thank you for making our graduation day so special! 

Elisa Cardellicchio

Irene's live sketches were a hit at our wedding! Her talent brought a unique charm to our special day, capturing precious moments with artistic flair. Our guests were delighted with their personalised portraits, making our celebration even more memorable. Thank you, Irene, for adding your special touch to our wedding!

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