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In the heart of a quaint town near Florence, where traditional norms often shroud the subject of female sexuality, my art journey began as a rebellion against such limitations. Growing up, I witnessed women silenced by societal taboos, suppressing their bodies and desires under the weight of a singular beauty standard. I felt the need to break these barriers and celebrate the unfiltered truth of the female form.

As I started illustrating nude women and openly sharing my own journey of self-acceptance on social platforms, a remarkable shift occurred. Women from all walks of life began confiding in me, unveiling their personal stories of body struggles, sexuality, and empowerment. They sent me their photos, inviting me to re-envision their bodies through art. These intimate connections propelled me into a mission of empowerment, using art to portray the authentic narratives of real women while reclaiming their sexuality.

One of the exciting manifestations of this journey is my NFT collection, 'Excitata'. This collection encapsulates the liberated essence of women who have shed society's constructs and embraced their authenticity

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