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The very first instalment of Irene’s NFT collection and her love baby.

A form of self-expression and gratification, the collection represents the empowered bougie woman who has liberated HERself from the social construct of being a ‘woman’ and has been empowered by the Web.3 space. See on OpenSea.


For The Love Of Eth

For the love of Eth (1).jpg

Her Future Is Bitcoin

The collection was also influenced by Fariah, founder of Girls That Crypto and Co-funder or Herniverse, who has allowed this project to come to fruition.


Inspired, they wanted to explore the female body and sexuality through the medium of crypto and NFTs and with Irene’s artistic talent, Excitata was born.

Crypto Millionaire Baby


Irene says, “My art has always been about the female body, body positivity, acceptance, and women’s sexuality, themes which are often seen as taboo.


My artistic journey has brought many women to share their life experiences about their bodies with me. Women from all walks of life, of any shape or form, express their struggles with mental health due to negative body image. I wanted to promote and normalise women’s sexuality and break the monotonous stereotypical expectations that society forces us to conform to.


crypto millionaire.jpg



I am grateful to all the women who trusted me and inspired me to create the first-ever HERniverse collection”.

‘Excitata’, is a Latin word meaning, ‘awakened’.


Confident and empowered, the HERniverse women have awakened.


Magic Matic

Magic Matic (1).jpg
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